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is a British solid state HF radio of the Clansman *- series, developed and built by Plessey enterprise. The landrover mounted version is the UK/VRC-321.

It is used by patrols and special units and (due to the handbook) provides connections by ground wave up to 30 and by sky wave up to 320 km. In reality it works worldwide on skywave.

The carrying frame is meant for:

  • Transceiver, hand crank, battery 24V, 1 Ah or
  • Transceiver, battery 24V, 4Ah

    The radio can also be carried proteted in a special rucksack.

    In Ex- Yugoslavia ( where this radio comes from) it was called
    "KORNJACA = Turtle".

    The PRC-320 comes in three versions:
  • PRC-320L: LSB, AM, CW (in the collection)
  • PRC-320: USB, AM, CW
  • PRC-320/1: LSB and USB, AM, CW.

    Existing accessories for the Clansman- Series are:
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    The Clansman- series
    was used by the British Army from 1976 to 2010.
    It should provide communication between headquarters and fighting forces. It consists of 9 (or 10) radios and their accessories. (The PRC-350, in some sources. is not mentioned under "Clansman").
    The radios are:

    HF radios:
  • UK/PRC 316
  • UK/PRC 319
  • UK/PRC 320
  • UK/VRC 321
  • UK/VRC 322

    Tactical band radios:
  • UK/PRC 349
  • UK/PRC 350
  • UK/PRC 351/352
  • UK/VRC 353

    UHF- radio:
  • UK/PRC 344

    Frequency range:
    2 ... 29.999 MHz


    Technical data:
    HF- output:
    30 or 3 W; AM: 7.5 W
    Channel spacing:
    100 Hz
    USB, AM, CW wide (2900 Hz), CW narrow ( 400 Hz)
    SSB / CW narrow 1.7µV @ 20 dB
    AM 7.5 µV @ 20 dB
    Rod antenna 2.4 meters: 30 km
    Dipole antenna: 320 km
    Powered by:
    20 ... 32 V
    Power consumption:
    Receiving 175 mA
    Low HF output 1.2 A
    High HF output 2.5 A
    24 V NiCad
    Measurements and weight:
    330 x 250 x 90mm, 11 kg
    Year of issue:
    Replaced by:
    the "Bowman"- series