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is a British Solid state VHF radio of the Clansman * - series, built and developed by Plessey.

It is not very wide spread, so it often is not mentioned when Clansman radios are described.

It was used at section and platoon level and was to cooperate with PRC-249, PRC-351 and VRC-353. It can be used as fixed station, as portable, and (with mounting) as mobile radio.

Only five knobs are used to operate it. Four knobs switch the frequency.

The fifth knob has four positions:

Off (On /Off)
Whisper (Increases the microfone sensitivity by the factor 10)
    (At the same time reduces the loudness by the factor 10)
Loud (At noisy environment)
Noise on (Squelch is deactivated; also to test if the radio works.)

The radio is carried on the back or at the belt. Battery, short and long rod-antenna and hendset belong to the set.

The antenna socket can be turned, so that the antenna is upright, even whan the operater is lying down.

Handset and headset can be connected simultaneously, so a second operator can listen in.

Existing accessories for the Clansman- Series are:
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The Clansman- series
was used by the British Army from 1976 to 2010.
It should provide communication between headquarters and fighting forces. It consists of 9 (or 10) radios and their accessories. (The PRC-350, in some sources. is not mentioned under "Clansman").
The radios are:

HF radios:
  • UK/PRC 316
  • UK/PRC 319
  • UK/PRC 320
  • UK/VRC 321
  • UK/VRC 322

    Tactical band radios:
  • UK/PRC-349
  • UK/PRC 350
  • UK/PRC 351/352
  • UK/VRC 353

    UHF- radio:
  • UK/PRC 344

    Frequency range:
    36 .. 57 MHz


    Technical data:
    HF output:
    2 W
    Channel spacing:
    25 kHz
    Narrow band - FM
    150 Hz tone squelch (can be switched off : = "Noise on")
    15 V NiCad or
    15V Primary battery manganese / alkaline
    Battery lasts:
    9 hrs at transmit/receive ratio 1 : 9
    3.1 Kg with rod antenna
    Size with battery:
    267 x 142 x 70 mm