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  PRC-2000 ( also known as Callpack RT-2000 )

was built in Great Britain by M.E.L. / Philips. It is a fully transistorized radio for portable and vehicle use from the late 80s. It was used in the Falkland War; improvements suggested there were built in later.

  • The casing is made of diecast Aluminium.
  • It is watertight for 2 hours, immersed into 1 meter of water.
  • The modular circuits are on glass-expoxy.
  • The complete radio is CPU controlled.
  • All settings are made by up/down buttons.s LCD- Feld.
  • The built in antenna tuner tunes only whip antennas. If you use other    antennas, like vehicle or wire antennas, the BNC / BNC-link between    transceiver and tuner is removed, and the antenna is connected    directly to the radio output.
  • It has a built in speech processor.
  • A special handset can operate nine of the ten memory channels.
  • It can be remote controlled from up to 3 km distance.
  • Ample accessories may be ordered.

  • The transceiver is protected against:
      > Open or shortcut antenna
      > High level RF radiation from nearby transmitters
      > Shortcut of the audio output
      > Reverse polarity of the supply voltage
  • The backlit LCD- display shows:
      > PRC-2000 configuration
      > Channel- freequency and.number; modulation
      > Selected HF- output
      > Measured HF- output forward and reverse
      > Strength of the received signal
      > Warnings
      > Fault indications
      > Diagnose indications

    In the first line it is used as a portable radio with NiCad- Battery, Handset and whip antenna.

    GRC-2000 is the vehicle version. Here the battery is replaced by a power supply the same size of the battery:
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    and the radio is fastened to a quick release mounting. The power supply transforms voltages from 10 to 30 VDC to the 14 V needed.

    ATU and HF amplifier AM 623
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    The combined ATU / HF amplifier AM 623 is relatively big and heavy.
    After connecting it to the PRC-2000, three HF outputs are shown: 2, 20, 100 W.
    A rod antenna can be screwed on; after attaching the adapter AB-621 on top of the antenna insulator, also a dipole antenna can be used.

    Field Test Set TS2010/01
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    15 different parameters can be tested, using the included 5 adapter cables (see picture gallery).
    The PRC-2000 has the same footprint as several Belgian or Dutch radios; the same mounting and the same battery can be used.

    Frequency range:
    1.6 ... 30.000 MHz


    Technical data:
    Channel spacing:
    100 Hz
    Memory channels:
    HF output:
    4 W or 20 W
    0.6 µV @ 10dB
    Audio frequency:
    350 .. 3250 Hz
    NF- output:
    150 mW @ 75 Ohm; 2 W @ 4 Ohm external loudspeaker
    30 ... 50 km
    2.4m- whip antenna (portable)
    3.6m- vehicle antenna
    1/4- Lambda and 3/4- Lambda long wire antenna
    Powered by:
    portable use: Akku 14.4 V; 4 Ah
    vehicle use: 10 ... 30 V
    Power consumption:
    60 W (transmitting)
    3 W (receiving)