Modern Era FM Handheld Portables

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   PRC-91 (PRC-91A)

PRC-91 is a non- tactical portable radio, used by the American Navy .

Informations about this radio are very sparse (like informations about other non- tactical radios).

All these non- tactical radios are developed from commercial radios.

The PRC-91 uses one housing, even though it was developed from two different radios, and mainly was built by two companies:

was developed from the commercial "Repco Model 10-8 (810-009-010)"; it works on 132 .. 150.8 MHz, has one (optionally 4) (crystal)- channels, and 2 W (optionally 4 W) HF power. It needs a 12 .. 15V- battery, and was introduced abt. 1968.

was developed from the commercial "Motorola Model HT-200 (Z23DEN1100A)", it works on 132 .. 150 MHz, has one (optionally 2) (crystal)- channels, and 1.4 W HF power. It needs a 14 V- battery; and was introduced abt. 1965.

Also known is a 2m- RCA- version called PRC-94Vx;
and a 4m- version by Comco.

Other non- tactical radios in the collection are:

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    Frequency range:
    132 .. 150 MHz or
    30 .. 50 MHz


    Technical data:
    HF output:
    2 W (optionally 4 W)
    1 (optionally 2 or 4)
    Quarter-wave rod antenna, extendable
    12 .. 15 V; or 14V (depends on version)