Modern Era FM Portables

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      PRC 6515
  Racal 4720






  Racal 4720

is a modern English handy portable of the Cougarnet- series. It works in the tactical band.
It is programmed either manually from the front using the rotary knobs, or by a fill gun MA4083B.

Operational elements and connectors are:

  • Channel switch (also for programming)
  • Audio control for:
       whisper adjustment
       three more audio leverls with normal sensitivity
       squelch- adjustment
       programming of receive and transmit frequency
       background light on
          (switch loudness switch to the lamp symbol; background light stays on for 5
  • Antenna connector
  • Display (on the left side). Shows:
       channel number
       mode of programming
       low battery
  • audio / ancillary connector (on the right side):
       for handset / headset / fill gun

    Using the pouch, the radio usually is on the left side of the chest, so that the display is visible.

    Depending on the terrain, range is from 2 to 15 km.

    Channels can be programmed for the same or different transmit / receive frequencies.

      Manual programming of the Racal 4720: > Klick <  

    Frequency range:
    30 ... 88 MHz


    Technical data:
    HF output:
    1 W
    Memory channels:
    Frequency steps:
    25 kHz
    0.6 µV @ 10 dB
    backlit LED
    Subton- squelch:
    148.8 Hz
    Powered by:
    Battery MA 4271A or
    Primary battery MA 4516B
    Power consumption:
    430 mA
    Dimension with battery:
    225 x 75 x 26 mm