Modern FM- handheld portables

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  PRC6515 (EC)
      Racal 4720






  PRC6515 (EC)

is a modern UK handie portable in the 2m- band. It belongs to the Cougarnet system. 10 channels in the range of 132 to 174 MHz und all other adjustments are programmed with the help of a MA4073C programmer and a Key Gun.

It is used by the British Army and Navy, by the UF Air Force, and also in civil ranges of many other countries.

Cougarnet is a modular uninterceptable system in the complete FM- band:
(68 ... 88 MHz, 132 ... 174 MHz, and 403 ... 470 MHz).

The handie radio serves as main unit ("personal radio") . It is inserted into manpacks, mobile or fixed station, thus having a higher HF output. Simplex or duplex connections (also crossband) are possible.

Analogue and digital scrambling is achieved by built in modules. These modules, too, are programmed by the MA4073C programmer and key gun.

The range is 2 km as handie portable, 10 km as manpack, and 20 km as mobile or fixed station.

The radio is screwed tight by special security screws.

Frequency range:
132 ... 174 MHz [ PRC6515 (EC) ]


Technical data:
HF- output:
2 W
built in module up to 16 kbit/sek
9.6 V, 1450 mA
Weight (handset):
2 kg
Used since:
late 80s