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  Marconi H4855 / PRC-343

is a Personal Role Radio (PRR).

It is the first new generation radio meant especially for the use of the individual soldier.
In Great Britain it is part of the Bowman- program and is called
Bowman PRR Radio PRC 343.
The US Marine Corps uses the expression
Integrated Intra Squad Radio (IISR).

Since about 2002 it is introduced in great numbers and will be the future standard in all major armies.

Spread band Wireless- Lan- techniques provide a quick and easy communication and replace shouted orders or orders by hand signals. In addition the signal is hard to detect and to intercept. Signals can cover a distance of 500 m in rural areas. The high frequency means a good communication even in urban areas or in forest areas.

A special feature is the
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Wireless PTT- button,
with a unique identity. The PTT button will operate only its special radio. It sends its signals on 433 MHz in a range of about two meters. It can be attached to any equipment. So operating the PTT is possible without changing the grip to the equipment.

256 channels can be used, in 16 banks of 16 channels each. The banks can be changed by a switch under the detachable PTT assembly of the radio.

Leading personnel can attach a PTT unit with two PTT buttons. A squad radio has a link to this PTT unit. So the commander can operate a second command via one headset, using e.g. a U-229 or Racal type interface from H4855 to a tactical radio. The two-PTT-unit can be got with wire links to tactical radios of many manufacturers.

There are many variants of the lightweight headset. It fits under almost all military or ballistic helmets. Its construction allows the usage of an additional ear defender. An electret microphone is used.

The PRR can transmit voice and data (38.4 Kbps) simultaneously. Data from external sensors or sensors on the body (e.g. for gas alarm) can be transmitted as tone or as digital voice.

A rebroadcasting unit consists of two linked PRR in a saddle bag. They can be dropped to a suitable place to extend the range. The PRR comes in different colors for different usages; there also is a watertight bag. All the accessories can not be described here- there are too many.

The radio needs two AA cells.

Frequency range:
2.400 ... 2.483 GHz


Technical data:
50 mW
DSSS (Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum)
Transmitting of:
Voice and data (38.4 Kbps) simultaneously
up to 500 m in rural areas
Powered by:
2 AA cells (3 V)
Operating time with 2 AA cells:
24 hrs ( TX : RX : Standby 1 : 7 : 16 )