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      R 118BM3
R-128, R-254, R-255
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  R-128 M, R-254 and R-255 PP

are transmitter and receivers of a Russian beacon system.

R-128 M
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is a beacon transmitter, used by Russsian special forces. It was attached to loads when dropped by parachute. When operated, it transmitted a continuous tone. It can be tuned from 44 to 50 MHz. It is a tube radio, schematics are not known to me.
The battery is HKN-20, as used e.g. in R-105M or R-107.

For batteries see:
Batteries and cells of the Warsow Pakt

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is the beacon receiver belonging to the set.
It pinpoints the transmitter and with it the loads in the terrain.This receiver comes in ten different frequency ranges, 600 kHz for each range:
( 44.0 .. 44.6; 44.6 .. 45.2; 45.2 .. 45.8; etc. )
The radio in the collection is for 45.2 .. 45.8 MHz, this is range three.

It uses nine subminiature- tubes; and two transistors for the power transverter.

The battery provides + 3.7, +-0, -1.35 V (1.35V is the filament voltage); however it uses an amazingly small space in the radio.

R-255 MP
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is a beacon transmitter with one channel.
It works with tubes. Of all the beacon receivers in the collection it obviously is the oldest. I could not find out what is the receiver used with it.
(Also see the picture gallery).
R-255 PP
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also is a beacon receiver.
It is the modern solid state successor of R-254.
It can be switched from 37.000 MHz to 51.950 MHz in 50 kHz steps.
Operational elements show a close relationship to R-148.
It is powered like the R-147: by the non rechargeable battery PP 3 or a plastic box for two flat batteries substituting the PP 3.

Frequency range:
R-128: 44 ... 50 MHz
R-254: 45.2 .. 45.8 MHz (museum's radio)
R-255: 37.0 .. 51.950 MHz