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Warsaw Pact batteries and cells

All Warsaw Pact batteries were NiCads.
There are hermetically sealed batteries and batteries filled with potassium hydroxyde.
Potassium hydroxyde batteries come as "normal " or as starved elecrolyte types.
  • "normal" means, the lye stays in the batteries;
  • "starved electrolyte" means, the batteries are filled with lye, then the lye is removed. So the lye cannot leak out. Important e.g. for portable radios, and the battery belt for the R-353. Also used in the radios of the M- series.
    Only the museum's batteries are shown.
  • text HKN-20
    Built in: USSR
    Capacity: 2,4 V 20 AH
    starved elecrolyte
    Used for: R-105 M, R-108 M, R-109 M, R-107 etc.
    80 x 60 x 120 mm
    text HKN-20
    with posts for R-107 etc.
    text KN14
    Built in: USSR
    Capacity: 1,25 V 14 AH
    starved elecrolyte
    Used for: UM-2 etc.
    80 x 30 x 120 mm
    text 2NK24
    Built in: USSR
    Capacity: 2,5V 24 AH
    Used for: R-407 etc.
    120 x 65 x 185 mm
    text 2,4NC25
    Built in: GDR (VEB Grubenlampenwerk Dessau)
    Capacity: 2,4V 24 AH
    Used for: R-105 D, R-108 D, R-109 D, R-104 etc.
    120 x 65 x 185 mm
    Box supplying five items 2,4NC25
    Power supply 12 V, 25 AH
    Built in : GDR (VEB Junkalor Dessau)
    Use: unknown.
    Built in: USSR
    Capacity: unknown, 12 V
    hermetically sealed;
    Used for: R-148, R-158, R-392 etc.
    110 x 45 x 65 mm
    Built in: GDR
    Capacity: 12 V, 3 Ah
    hermetically sealed;
    Used for: UFT-435 etc.
    180 x 85 x 70 mm
    10HKN 8 (??)
    Built in: USSR
    Capacity: 12V 8 AH
    hermetically sealed;
    Used for: R-159
    205 x 90 x 125 mm
    10/RST 4
    Built in: USSR
    Capacity: 12V 4 AH
    hermetically sealed;
    Picture: Holder and battery;
    Used for: R-159
    190 x 78 x 120 mm
    left 9,6 NC 0,225 70 x 25 mm
    right 6 NC 0,5 50 x 35 mm
    Built in: DDR
    Capacity: left 9,6 V 225 mA; right 6V 500 mA
    hermetically sealed;
    Used for: BOS- radios
    left: SZM 5
    ; 45 x 32 x 80 mm
    right: SZD 12 A; 40 x 20 x 115 mm
    Built in: USSR
    Capacity: left: 1,4 V 5 AH, right 1,5 V 12 AH
    Left used for: R-354
    Right used for: R-126, R-352 etc.
    This non-rechargeable cell serves as
    substitute for two SZD12A.
    You simply dip it in water to activate it. They come in in sheet-metal boxes, hermetically welded, (each box contains twenty cells).

    This is a non-rechargeable
    7.5-Volt-Cell for for R-147 and R-147 P.
    It seems to have been rare from the beginning- the battery box for two 4.5V flat cells coming with the radios seem to prove it.