Modern Era FM Handheld Portables

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      PRC- 152







Everyone knows the shape of this "Banana" You may mistake it for PRC-6 and PRC-6/6, operated with tubes.
This version is fully transistorized. A new channel is chosen by replacement of a crystal and tuning, like the PRC-6. The modules, too, look similar to PRC-6. There also is only one channel.
This radio was built by Telemit for former friendly states, and never was used in the NATO.


is a portable radio of small output for communication over short distances. Type of modulation is FM.
It can be used with or without a handset.

 The "bananas" in the collection

Frequency range:

47 ... 56 MHz.
1 channel, changed by replacing a crystal and tuning. Tuning values are listed inside the radios back cover.


Comparison PRC-6, PRC-6/6, PRC-6T, PRC-6T/180

Technical data:

Radio alone: L/B/H: 37,5 x 12,1 x 10,8 cm, 2,2 kg.
Output power
500 mW
Frequency departure:
+- 15 kHz.
less than 1.0 µV @ 20 dB
Modulation, Operating mode
FM, F3
Powered by
12 V ( 8 mono cells )
Parts of the radio:
Radio PRC-6T,  Handset H-33 F/PT.