Modern Era FM Handheld Portables

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      TR-PP-11 B







The American one-channel portable radio PRC-6 was modernized again and again, using the same housing. The German BW used the 6-channel PRC-6/6 . Both still used tubes.
Telemit built a one-channel solid state "banana", called PRC-6T. Telemit also built the radio shown here:
  AN/PRC-6/180/GY , a 180-channel-"banana".
PRC-6T as well as PRC-6/180 were built for former friendly states and never were used in the NATO. That is why they are so hard to find.
Both need only 12 V to run, provided from 8 D-cells. (PRC-6 and PRC-6/6's battery had to provide four voltages, 90 V, 45 V, 4.5 V and 1.5 V.)

 The "bananas" in the collection

Frequency range:
47.00 ... 55.95 MHz


Technical data:
Number of Channels:
180 (synthesized)
Channel spacing:
50 kHz
500 mW
10.5 kHz
150 Hz tone squelch, may be switched off
Receiver sensitivity:
1.0 uV at 20 dB
Temperature range:
-30 ... +60
Duty cycle:
approx 25 hrs 9:1 R/T
12 V ( 8 D-cells )
Dimensions and weight:
375 x 108 x 120 mm H x W x D, approx. 3 kg