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was built in Italy by IRET, but was not used in Italy. It is thought to be not good enough for the Italian army. It was used in many countries- the museum's specimen has Arab lettering; It was brought back from "Operation Desert Storm".
It is carried in a shoulder bag with all accessories. It is not intended to be used otherwise, e.g. as mobile radio.
It is small, light and easy to operate. The battery case should contain a loader, the battery case you see here is intended for batteries only.

Other captured radios from "Operation Desert Storm:

PRC-638 BCC-349 TRA-906 TRA-967 R-143

Frequency range:
40 ... 50 MHz (any 10-MHz-range between 30 and 80 MHz could be ordered).


Technische Daten:
HF output:
300 mW / 3 W
Channel spacing:
25 kHz
Tone or 150 Hz
12.5 V
Antenna connector:
N- Norm.
External antennas may be connected.
Measurements and weight:
L 244 x B 154 x T 62 mm, 4 Kg.