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  Selex EZPRR H-174-4855-ELSA

is a Personal Role Radio (PRR).

These kinds of radios are especially developed for the use of the single soldier. They revolutianize the communication. Every soldier can be contacted individually, and also environment variables can be transmitted. The exact location of the soldier can be determined by GPS data.
The predecessor, H 4855, was developed by Marconi. The company changed the name to Selex.

Selex EZPRR H-174-4855-ELSA is the consequent development of the

   H 4855 [ < click ]
This type of radios is called Integrated Intra Squad Radio (IISR) by teh US Marine Corps.

PRR radios are introduced in all major armies since 2002. In the mean time they are standard . Command transmission is revolutionitzed.

The EZPRR exists since 2004.

The modulation is Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS), Spread Spectrum means that the HF output is distributes over a large frequency spectrum. Disturbance by a carrier is not possible.

The EZPRR covers a distance up to 800 meters in free terrain; in buildings up to three stories. The high frequencies achieve an effective communication also in dense populated or dense wooded areas .

A special feature is the
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wireless PTT- Button,
This button is assigned to one EZPRR only. The signals are transmitted on 433 MHz; it is effective up to 2 meters, it is fastened to the device operated by the soldier.
The Wireless PTT of the H4855 cannot be used.

The EZPRR has 256 channels in 16 banks of 16 channels. The banks are changed under the detachable PTT unit, the 16 channels are switched from the upper side of the radio.

14 of the 16 switchable channels are encrypted; channel 15 and 16 unencrypted , to be compatible with the predecessor A4855.

Leading personnel can attach a PTT unit with two PTT buttons. A squad radio has a link to this PTT unit. So the commander can operate a second command via one headset, using e.g. a U-229 or Racal type interface from H4855 to a tactical radio.
These two- buttoned- PTT units come with connectors to many squad radios. This EZPRR has a cable and connector for Clansman radios.

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Thales GPS- receiver

The optional and present Thales GPS- receiver is connected to the data plug of the PTT- unit. It is acitvated by pulling out a yellow pin distress switch; see picture gallery; and the EZPRR transmits the exact position.
EZPRR and GPS- receiver use a special pouch.

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Frontier 1000 (RA5500/1020)
Single Channel Headset

An alternative to the standard headset is this single channel headset . A talk- through- funktion allows listenung to external sounds in the headset.
PRR- reception is listened to in the left ear; the operator's voice is picked up in the reight ear. So no external microphone is needed.

The EZPRR can transmit voice and data (38.4 Kbps) simultaneously. Data from external sensors or sensors on the body (e.g. for gas alarm) can be transmitted as tone or as digital voice.

A rebroadcasting unit consists of two linked EZPRR in a saddle bag. They can be dropped to a suitable place to extend the range. The PRR comes in different colors for different usages; there also is a watertight bag.
The EZPRR can transmit simultaneously Voice and data (38.4 Kbps) . So data of external or close to the body sensors (eg for poison gas) can be transmitted by beep or digiallized voice.

It is operated by two AA cells.
Improvements to the predecessor:

* Encryption
* Greater distance
* Enhanced antenna
* Optional gooseneck antenna
* Enhanced data transmission
* More special accessories.

Frequency range:
2.400 ... 2.483 GHz


Technical data:
254, 16 switchable directly
HF output:
100 mW
DSSS (Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum)
Simultaneous transmission possible of:
Voice and data (38.4 Kbps)
up to 800 m; also through thick walls in buildings
Powered by:
2 AA cells (3 V)
Operaton time:
24 Std ( TX : RX : Standby 1 : 7 : 16 )