Radio Test Set

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  The Radio Test Set AN/PRM-34

is a portable device for measuring:

  • Receiver sensitivity;
  • Frequency und
  • HF- output.

    It is used for radios f the PRC-68- family ond others, like :
    PRC-25, PRC-77, RT-246, RT-524, R-442.

    There are two versions:

  • Up to serial number 634: Slightly smaller with sharp edges. It has no antenna
         adapter and the carrying box is bigger.
  • From serial number 635: The etst set is bigger, but lighter, the carrying box is lighter,
        it contains an adapter to the PRC-68- Antenne connector.

    This is the test set in the collection.

    The operational procedure is found in the lid. (see picture gallery)

    The " MODE "- switch shows:

  • OFF CHK - PTT: Shows the result of the self test.
  • SENS SQ: Squelch sensitivity and squelch circuits are tested.
  • FREQU: Output frequency is measured.
  • FWD PWR: Forward power of the RF signal is measured im Watts.
  • REV PWR: Reflected power or VSWR shown.
  • FLD STR: Relative field strength is shown.
        (using the fixed field strength antenna)

  • PUSH TO TEST: Activiates the test mode.

    Originally a primary lithium- sulfite- battery BA-5847 is used.
    A never version is the rechargeable lithium battery BB-2847.
    Caution! Both contain pressurized sulfur dioxide gas!

       the display has 7 digits and 3 LEDs:

  • The frequency reading is in MHz,
  • The RF output is in watts.
  • The field strength is an undefined number between 0 and 99.9 .

    The MHz- led glows when the frequency is measured;
    The power- led glows when the RF output is measured;
    The FLD STR led glows when the relative field strength is measured.

    Provides accessories:
      Antenna adapter for the PRC-68 antenna connector.
      BNC connecting cable.
      Operational procedure

    Antennna connectors:

    Complete weight:
      Up to Ser. Nr. 634: 8 kg
      From Ser. Nr. 635: 5.5 kg

    Frequency range:
    up to 50 MHz