Modern Era FM Handheld Portables

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PRC-6725 (PRC-139)







The PRC-139- family from Racal replaced PRC-68- family.

The PRC-139- handy portable is part of cmmunikation systems, that contains fixed stations as well as mobile stations as well as repeaters.

Itis used by the US Airforce, US Army, US Navy, US Marine Corps and the US government, for exampla by the FBI.

The US Navy payed more than 5000 per unit.

There are many variants.

The variant in the collection has no loudspeaker, no mikrophone, no keypad; it is programmed by a (present) programming unit.

All operational elements are on the upper side::

* A switch providing to scan channel one every second;
* Socket for a handset or headset;;
* Green LED:
   flashing with Hz: error
   flashing with 1 Hz: low battery;
   flashing with 10 Hz: ready fpr cloning;
   steady: cloning successful;
   short flashing :scanning in progress.
* Yellow LED: short flashing : Warning: not encrypted!
* Antenna socket
* Rotary knob for mode ;
* Rotary knob for channels (channel 1 = priority);
* Rotary knob for loudness; (step 1 and 2 = whisper mode).

Frequency range:
30 .. 88 MHz (present) or
136 .. 174 MHz or
403 .. 470 MHz


Technical data:
HF output:
0,5 or 2 W
14; programmable
Channel spacing:
25 kHz
Programming by:
PC or
Base station or
Fill - device or
Cloning from radio to radio
23,2 x 7,42 x 4,50 cm
1,35 kg