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  Scimitar V
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  Scimitar V

The Marconi Scimitar V is a modern Engish radio, used in Great Britain, Jordania, Portugal, Turkey and Sweden.
It can transmit and receive crypted or uncrypted voice or data, with or without frequency hopping.
Monitoring, listening in and aiming is thus very difficult.

   Scimitar Radios come in three versions:

  • SCIMITAR H (HF- Manpack), 1.6 .. 30 MHz; with 2840 Channels;
       weightt 4 kg.
  • SCIMITAR V (VHF mobile or manpack, 30 .. 88 MHz; with 2320 Channels;
       weight as manpack 4.8kg.
  • SCIMITAR M (VHF pocket radio), 68 .. 88 MHz, with 800 channels,
       weight 0.5kg.

    All components for Scimitar V and Scimitar H. are in the collection.

    This is the page for the mobile version;
    >== Link to the backpack station <==

    Switching between crypted / uncrypted and voice / data is done from the front side.

    All operational data are programmed using a
    FMU (Frequency Management Unit).

    In different combinations it can be used as portable, mobile or fixed station.

    It is operated from the front side, or from a mobile operation unit (Vehicle Applique Unit - VAU), or (at voice operation) by a 2-wire line that can be 2 km long.

    Using the Audio 2 connectors, two radios can form a relais.

    For portable use, an automatic antenna tuning (ATU) is clipped on; the broadband- antenna that is used in mobile mode, needs no adjustment.

    The mobile station consists of:
  • Shock absorbing mounting and VAU;
  • 50W- amplifier;
  • Transceiver block;
  • Mobile antenna;
  • Handset.

    The manpack consists of:
  • Transceiver;
  • ATU for portable use (is removed for mobile use);
  • Handset;
  • Carrying frame;
  • NiCad battery.
  • Antenna

    Having removed the battery and the ATU, the transceiver (main block) can be inserted into the VAU , and forms a mobile station with 0.1 or 5W HF- output.
    An additional HF- amplifier can be inserted into the VAU. It is connected by a cable, and a HF- output of 0.1, 5, or 50W is reached.

    The fixed station is the mobile version without the shock absorbing mounting.

    Frequency range:
    30.000 ... 87.975 MHz


    Technical data:
    HF output:
    Portable: 0.1 und 5W;
    Mobile: 50 W
    Frequency steps:
    25 kHz
    FM; (MSK [minimum-shift keying] at data mode)
    0.1W : 1 km
    5 W : 8 km
    50 W : 40 km
    12V 4Ah NiCad
    20 ... 32V (protected against wrong polarity)