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      R 407







is a Czechoslovak radio from 1957, and part of the radio relais station RDS-66.

It is used for finding direction to the opposite station of the RDS66 "Duha" radio-relay link system during link set-up, and to communicate with the personnel of the opposite station

It is a small duplex- transceiver with a detachable radio relais antenna and built- in battery.

Es ist ein kleiner Duplex- Sender mit anschraubbarer Richtfunkantenne und eingebautem Akku.

The housing is made of Aluminium, it uses Germanium- transistors and tubes.
It is mentioned in the book "History of Signal Corps", by Michael Buran und Jiri Ryc; Prague 2007.

Frequency range:
360 .. 390 MHz


Technical data:
HF output:
200 mW
0.5 µV