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      MG 80






The meteorological field equipment


was used at temporary airfields to find out weather data, among other things. The data can be read, but not stored. The whole station is packed in a waterresistant metal box. The mechanism in the box is fastened by springs, so it can be handled roughly. A sectional mast carries:

  • Anemometer (Wind velocity); also reading the wind direction.
  • A sensor for temperature and humidity.

    The built-in barometer is usually used in aeroplanes to measure the altitude; a BD-10. A normal barometer's pointer turns roughly 360 and reads 700 to 790 mB, the pointer of the barometer used here turns three times, reading from 560 to 800 mB.

    Temperature, wind direction, wind velocity and humidity are selected by a switch, and shown while pressing a pushbutton. At 1.3 A power consumption , while measuring, this momentary measuring is quite advisable. The instrument is turned by a motor and shows the last reading when the pushbutton is released.

    The meteorological set is fully solid state,

    The metal box contains:

  • a lockable mast (so the direction North stays fixed)
  • a mast base
  • three nails for
  • two three- sided ropes
  • the anemometer in three parts
  • the sensor temperature / humidity; and a cover for it
  • an optical device (not mentioned in the TM)
  • the reading
  • accessories, among other things a compass.


    Wind velocity:
    in m / s
    Range 1.5 .. 40 m/s
    Possible error +- 0.5 m/s
    Wind direction:
    in degrees ( 0 - 360 )
    Possible error 10 %
    in Celsius
    Range -55 .. +45 C
    Possible error +- 0.8 C
    in %
    Range 30 .. 100 %
    Possible error +- 7 %
    Air pressure:
    in Millibar ( 560 - 800 mB )
    Possible error 1.8 .. 5.4 %
    Range 0 .. 7.5 V
    Allowed voltage 6V +20% / -10%

    23 kgs
    Height of mast:
    4 m
    Batteries used:
    Silver- Zinc- Batteries