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      PP-11 b
PRT-4 / PRR-9






  AN/PRT-4A and An/PRR-9

is a portable radio set, consisting of 2 parts: transmitter and separate receiver. The transmitter is held in the hand, the receiver is attached to the helmet. Data that could be found:

Transmitter AN/PRT-4A: (carried in the hand or on the belt.)

Frequency range: 47 ... 57 MHz, 2 fixed crystal channels, FM
HF-output: 200 mW.
Antenna: 6 / 25 inches, put together / expanded.
Battery- Type: BA-399 U

Receiver AN/PRR-9: (to be fastened on the helmet)

Frequency range: 47 ... 57 MHz, 1 fixed crystal channel.
Antenna: 18 inches.
Battery: BA-505 U (in the set I have here).
Sound is led to the ear either through a horn or by an ear plug.

PRT-4 / PRR-9 is a "Squad Radio", a small hand held unit for very local communications. The collection shows all American Squad radios from their beginning (1941) to 1986.



SCR-511/ BC-745

SCR-536/ BC-611

RT-196/ PRC-6

(PRC-34/ PRC-36)

PRR-9/ PRT-4

RT-1113/ PRC-68, A,B

RT-1547/ PRC-126

You may also read the article by Alan Tasker :
"U.S. Military Portable Radios"
For Alignment see:
Indicator, Channel alignment ID-1189/PR

Short history:
Developed in 1964, it came to Vietnam in 1967, and shortly after was found to be not fit for engagement.
The Navy built the two parts in one housing and called it

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The AN/PRC-88 is known in two versions:
  • The version shown here has one channel, no channel switch and one     crystal;
  • The better known version has two channels, two crystals and a channel     switch like AN/PRT-4A.

    It was replaced by the PRC-68.