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  PR 35

is a small three-channel radio for short distances in the 2-m-band. It was the last generation of VHF and UHF portable radiostations for common use like for fire brigades, railways, big constructions etc. It was built by Tesla, Czechoslovakia.

Due to Detlev, DC7KG, its purpose was :
==> There is a civilian version with built in microphone/loudspeaker and a sypradio version without speaker. The version without speaker was used by the MfS and the VoPo; that is why "secret " is printed on the handbook. The radio had the assumed name "Faun" and was to be replaced in 1989 by the PR 36, "Oberon".
"FAUN" has three channels in the 160 MHZ band, is expoerted exclusively to the DDR and used by teh STASI
(PR-36) "OBERON" has 5 channels, in CZ used by secret police at 80MHz band ONLY . It has a voice scrambler (simple inversion), permanently turned on
PR-36 ( 5 channels )

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The radio comes complete with many accessories. If you plug in the handmike and attach the rubber antenna, you can use it as a normal portable radio.

By its small and flat size it also can have a hidden use. Accessories provided for this purpose:

The so- called modulator connects the following hidden parts to the radio:
  • loudspeaker
  • microphone
  • antenna
  • quiet call indicator

    So if you see someone talking to his collar- maybe he uses a PR-35 :-)

    Reception can be signalled:
  • accoustically by a calltone;
  • mechanically by the vibration of the quiet call indicator.

    There also was a civilian edition with built-in loudspeaker/microfone.

    Frequency range:
    160 MHz


    Technical data:

    F3; simplex
    HF- output:
    300 mW
    1 µV @ 20 dB
    Call tone:
    2185 Hz
    NF- output:
    80 mW
    Power consumption:
    transmitting 300 mA
    receiving 60 mA; with suppresses hiss 10 mA
    6V; 225 mAH
    6 V ( allowed 5 - 7 V )
    5 hrs @ 8 : 1 : 1 = ready : receiving : transmitting