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  VRM 5080






 VRM 5080

is a UK radio, built by Racal-Tacticom Ltd. It is a transceiver, meant for tanks and armored vehicles.

There are two versions, VRM 5080C and VRM 5080S. Both versions have the same front plate, only the name plate shows the difference.

It was built by Racal (GB) for world wide use;
and by Kapsch in and for Austria. The specimen here is from Austria.

The operational unit can be detached and operated elsewhere; two radios can be operated by it.

  Version VRM 5080C:

This is a modular built radio for un-encoded messages,
The memory channels 1 to 9 can be programmed with equal or different frequencies for transmit and receive; ( = 1-or 2-channel simplex); channel 0 accepts only equal frequencies.

The radio can be remotely controlled by a 2-wire cable till up to a distance of 3 km; using a special handset.
A remote function is built in.
The operational unit can be mounted up to 10 m from the radio.

The radio works with either the automatic ATU BCC 563 (present); or the

If encoded connections are necessary, a MA.4261 external cyphering unit can be connected by using an the audio/data connector.

  Version VRM 5080S:

This radio is identical to the VRM 5080C; however a additional cyphering unit ST.719582 with 16 kb/s is built in. By this unit, a secure connection is possible, additional to the open connection.

In secure mode, audio is cyphered, and transmitted as a data stream of 16 kb/s. The cyphered signal sounds like white noise, until it is received by a radio with correctly coded decyphering module.

When a secure connection is chosen, the radio switches automatically between between cyphered and un- cyphered connections.

This version, too, can be remotely controlled from a distance up to 2 km; in this case it also switches automatically between secure and open messages.

When the VRM 5080S is used as a remote station, secure and open connections can be used, too.

Frequency range:
30 .. 76 MHz


Technical data:
HF output:
50 W, 10 W, 5 mW
FM (F3) narrow and wide band
Channel spacing:
25 kHz
Memory channels:
by carrier or sub tone
Sub tone:
148.8 Hz
AF bandwidth:
300 Hz to 3 kHz at secure and open connections;
30 Hz to 10 kHz at broad band
AF output:
30 mW / 300 Ohm with handset;
100 mW / 300 Ohm with headset.
5 mW / 300 Ohm when remotely controlled
Powered by:
24V or
at 12V by the MA.4913 12V/24V power supply
8 A at 50W
5.5 A at 10W
1.5 A at 5 mW
0.6 A receiving
13.5 kg