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  PRC-614 B







  PRC-614 B

was developed in Israel as the successor of the PRC-604. The PRC-604 had only six crystal controlled channels, and a synthesided radio was needed. So the PRC-614 was developed and was issued for the Army in Israel in 1979.

The radio in the collection was built under license by S.A.I.T. in Belgium, it is called
RT 614B.

It was almost exclusively used with a handset, and thus carried in a small rucksack.

As PRC-613 it was also built for 36 .. 53 MHz.

Frequency range:
Due to description: 53 .. 76 MHz
Actually: 60.00 .. 79.975 MHz


Technical data:
HF- output:
1 W
Channel spacing:
25 kHz
Tone squelch 150 Hz
Frequency selected by:
Voltage needed:
10 .. 14 V
90 mA (receiving)
285 mA (transmitting)