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  NFM 1

is a calibrated field strength measuring device, manufactured in the former East Germany by RFT. Broadband electric and magnetic fields can be measured.

It is also ideal for the measurement of amateur radio equipment.

Electric fields are measured by a dipole probe,
Magnetic fields are measured with a flat coil.

Examples of usage:

  • Measurement of high frequency electric fields of high frequency equipment,
  • Verification of shielding,
  • Locate sources of field sources and scattering fields,
  • Measurement of field distribution of transmission antennas,
  • Measuring of magnetic field components of high frequency fields,
  • Measurement of electric field strength of 50-Hz fields.

    The set consists of:
  • Carrying case, in it:
  • Probe for electric fields,
  • Probe for magnetic fields with a removable coil.
  • Instrument in its own carrying case,
  • Manual.


    Technical data:
    Electric field probe:
    Frequency range 60 kHz .. 350 mHz, 50 Hz
    Measuring range 2 .. 1500 V/m; 2 .. 40 kV/m.
    Magnetic field probe:
    Frequency range 100 kHz .. 10 MHz
    Measuring range 1 .. 10 A/m
    Measuring distortion:
    20 %
    Powered by:
    9V- cell or battery
    2 kg, of that instrument 0.8 kg