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      Radio Set 3600







is a compact solid state French backpack radio. This type of radio usually is known to be built in license in Iraq, and brought back in great numbers after the Iraq war.

The radio in the collection is built by Thompson CSF; they are not mentioned very often; there are not many known data.

The compact radio has an LED- display, and is programmed by using the keyboard. The programming instruction is printed on the inner side of the lid of the display.

It is a simple radio without any kind of scrambling.

A small current is drawn, even when the set is switched off; it is needed to hold the programmed memory channels. It is advisable to take off the battery, if the radio is not used for a longer period.

Frequency range:
26 .. 76 MHz


Technical data:
HF output:
2 W
Frequency control:
Channel spacing:
25 or 50 kHz (switchable)
Possible channels:
2000 (at 25 kHz channel spacing)
Memory channels:
150-Hz tone squelch or signal squelch (switchable)
Power consumption:
120 mA, receiving
800 mA, transmitting
Produced from: