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  Grintek TR-178B






When reading about South African radios, many company names are mentioned. There were / are only two companies that changed their names frequently.

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  Grintek TR-178B

is built by Grinel © in South Africa. It is a HF SSB manpack with extreme features:

  • It's size is very small.,
  • it has a big frequency range (0.3 .. 30 MHz) and
  • and a scope of functions. So, for example,
    ** Frequency hopping and
    ** ALE are built in; also
    ** digital speech processing and
    ** whisper- mode.

    It works with a voltage of 9 .. 32V, leading to a HF output of 10 W @ 12 V; and
    25 W @ 24 V.
    Frequency hopping and ALE are possible, when the ATU AT 241 is used .

    Where can I find more infos for this radio?

    Frequency range:
    0.3 ... 30 MHz


    Technical data: (hardly any are known)
    HF- output:
    up to 25 W
    LSB, USB, CW
    Consumption at 26V DC:
    Receiving 150 mA
    Transmitting 2.2 A