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  Barrett 940






  Barrett 940

is an Australian manpack, developed for the use by authorities, and not by the army.

It is a light, robust portable HF transceiver, for use under difficult conditions and limited power supply.

It uses the technology of the Barrett 900. So this radio fills a gap between portable radios with limited functions, and radios with military specifications.

Flexibility was very important when the radio was developed:

The Barrett 940 can be bought and used in many configurations :

  • As Manpack it is independent with its clipped-on battery and in a canvas bag. This configuration can use an end- driven and fast installed wire- antenna; the range in this configuration surpasses the traditional rod antenna.

  • As temporary base station or as mobile station the power can optionally come from the cigarette plug or, with clamps, from the car battery or a 12V- PSU.

  • The BNC- connector on the front is used for matched dipole antennas and broad band antennas; for use as a base station and manually tuned car antennas.

  • The optional ATU is clipped on to the transceiver, and automatically tunes long wire or the opitional foldable rod antenna.

  • The radio can be programmed by a PC, connected to the RS-232- interface on the front. All functions also can be cloned.

  • An optional flap with carrying handle can be clipped to the upper side of the canvas bag. It is an additional protection, and contains the microphone, the power cable and the antenna system.

  • More optional features are Selektive Call, Page Call and Telcall. So phone calls can be forwarded by a base station that is equipped with the Barrett 660 or 960 telephone- connection system.

  • Additional equipments are an optional end- driven dipole antenna, an end- driven wire antenna, a handset instead of the loudspeaker, a CW key and a headset.

  • Standard features, for example, are the built- in test program (BITE), display of the battery capacity, display of the SWR and HF output power, and a variable background lighting of the display.

    Frequency range:
    Transmitting: 1.6 ... 30 MHz
    Receiving: 500 kHz ... 30 MHz


    Technical data:
    HF- output:
    up to 35 W
    Programmable channels:
    450 (simplex or semi- duplex)
    USB (J3E) LSB (J3E), AM (H3E), CW (J2A)
    Frequency resolution:
    10 Hz in program- mode;
    1 Hz as tunable receiver
    0.25 µV @ 10 dB
    Audio- power:
    4 W @ 4 Ohm; 2 W @ 8 Ohm
    Frequency range with different antennas:
    1.5m- rod antenna: 5 .. 30 MHz
    3m- rod antenna: 2 .. 30 MHz
    10m- long wire: 1.6 .. 30 MHz
    Receiving 595 mA
    Transmitting 5A
    Operational temperature:
    -30C ... +55C
    Transceiver: 3.9 kg
    Battery pack: 13 Ah NiMh 2.7 kg
    Optional ATU 940: 1.8 kg